by pleasure gap

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released March 30, 2016

Music by Pleasure Gap

Recorded by Alex Bourne & Joe Brown
Mixed & Mastered by Alex Bourne

Art by Ryan Egan
Layout by Chris Roberge
Photography by Alex Savastano
Tracklisting by Evan Benoit

Special thanks to Derek from Midnight Werewolf Records.



all rights reserved


pleasure gap New Hampshire

ryan, sean, devin, andalx2

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Track Name: Therapist
it's a stain on the brain
that sunk those fangs in my chest
and it's strange how it stings
and doesn't quite heal like the rest
how can i help anyone
when i'm dreading every unfortunate step
when it's time to freak out
we'll be boiling just like vampires
in the light
you know that i'm useless

i don't even know what a problem is
i could never be the therapist
i have my own
things going on
i don't mean to sound insensitive
but i can't even lift a leg out of bed
without feeling underneath a thumb
without fearing the sun
Track Name: Merkle
i keep slipping where i'm standing
and it's so hard to keep going
my mouth waters for comfort
it fills an ocean
like wolves dancing in a pool of your own blood
i stoned myself and all i got was no results
Track Name: Dumpster dreams
living it up inside dumpster dreams
surfing trash cans until my legs are rubber bands
marching through the fumes until my body is consumed
sifting through the trash because my life's become a laugh
i can't control a thing
when everything i see is just black sludge tearing through the seams
Track Name: You
i puked all over today
because i'm so sick
and nothing matters anymore
swatting fruit flies through the door
bust open the locks
turn off the clocks
i'm done
every time i think of you
when i'm lonely
Track Name: Murder me gently
it's up to you to be impractical
someone dropped me down here and they tied me to an anvil
wonder what's gonna get ruined next
crashed more cars then i've ever cashed checks
but it's okay if it makes you want to cry
living inside the city full of twinkled eyes
you breathe me through like motorcycle fumes
coughing up a lung and a life
the words soak straight through my shirt
whole body perspired
murder me gently
i have nothing to provide
i'm melting like ingredients dancing in the oven light
you want to get it just right
Track Name: 9821*
i lost my mind, i feel fine
i lost my mind, i feel just like a dime
Track Name: Rich
listen to me
you can smell the dollar signs in my breath
silver spoon raised me
i've got beautiful expensive things
don't worry
golden shadow won't leave
suburban shielded never down on my knees
so safe, so safe
i've got all the love, all the drugs, all that i need
rich kids
it's not a tragedy just atrophy for me
rich rich rich boys
Track Name: Fail myself
you'll never know the right time to run
standing in the corner
waiting for the sun to drop
panting all around
like an old dog choir
waking up and drooling into cups
you're crying because you
can't get excited about anything
you're dying
i'm dying
to find
peace and quiet
laying on the ground
i can't fail myself enough